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Easter Meditations: William Bouguereau’s Religious Art

I found this to be an excellent meditation for the Triduum to look at William Adolphe Bouguereau’s works which follow the passion and resurrection of our Lord.  Bouguereau is one of those French academics who was accused of making “bad art,” the world criticized him for embodying what was wrong with the outmoded French Academic Classical […]

American Painting Video Magazine

Dearest friends, I would like to recommend to you all something that I am, and have been for a while, excited about.  It’s a video magazine.  I did not know that such things existed, but as I’m visually oriented, I have come to appreciate and enjoy this medium for communication.  This magazine benefits from a […]

The Keen Delight by Harold Weatherby and other musings on Aesthetics

This school year I have been slowly making my way through Etienne Gilson’s book The Arts of the Beautiful.  I have been doing this with some other colleagues of mine at Glendale Prep.  We’ve been getting together and discussing the book as part of a “Philosophy of Beauty” reading group.  It was one of my “intellectual projects” […]