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Article on American Realism Movement

Read this excellent article about the contemporary realism movement happening today in Art. This article was shared with me by none other than the glorious poet himself Dave Talbot. The article shares many wise words from a great leader in this movement: Jacob Collins. Collins explains: “My general feeling in terms of art making is the […]

Informative Articles on Classical Realism

I came across this three part article on John Pototschnik’s Blog interviewing three great artists of our time on the subject of Classical Realism: what is it and why is it important to Art in the 21st century. Part I Part II Part III The three artists interviewed are Michael John Angel, Juliette Aristides, and […]

Brad Kunkle Show at Arcadia Fine Art

Artist Brad Kunkle has a solo show now at Arcadia Fine Art Gallery. The show is titled “Gilded Wilderness,” and it lasts from April 21st-May 5th Kunkle uses gold leaf and silver leaf and paints with oils on top of it.  It is incedible his ability to conceal that he is painting on gold and […]