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SGA Update 3/26/12

Here’s an update from the Clairvaux Institute! Happy feast of the Annunciation! -Peter Bloch SGA ’05

An Article on Poetic Knowledge

Dear Friends, I must encourage you whole-heartedly to visit this link (at the bottom of my post) and read the contents.  It is a book review (by a comrade–Kirk Kramer) of Dr. James Taylor’s Poetic Knowledge.  If you have not already picked up a copy of this book, I highly recommend that you do so. […]

The Van Dorens

From the indefatigable Kirk Kramer: Yesterday I discovered that Mark Van Doren’s son Charles is an adjunct English professor at the Torrington campus of the Univ of Connecticut.  In recent years he has given several lectures there, sponsored by something called the Litchfield Co. Writers Project. Here is the link to the list of lectures: […]