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Atticus Finch: Local and National Man of Virtue

     To Kill a Mockingbird presents us with a broken town in a broken county—Maycomb. The townspeople hold onto time-honored codes and conventions, some of which are laudable and some of which are reprehensible. The novel highlights the problem of appearances—as embodied in the town’s architecture. “The Maycomb jail [is] the most venerable and […]

Gregory the Great Academy

Deo Gratias! Here is the latest off the desk of Howard Clark from the Clairvaux Institute concerning the new St. Gregory’s Academy! Now is the time to act!  Be generous in your support of this new school! Warmly, Peter Bloch SGA Class of 2005  

Craigslist Vigilante

From Nick Olson: Before I realized that my life calling for this summer was watching paint dry, I posted an ad to Craigslist saying I was available to tutor. Among the emails I received was one from a Norwegian named James Rice and his even more Norwegian-named son, Hinto. His email read like it had […]