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How Does Art Reflect Culture?

Does Art Reflect Culture? How is art reflective? Primarily this article explores how 20th century art reflected the culture around it This should provide some help to those looking for modern examples of art reflecting the culture ———————————————————————————————————————————————- From time to time I have heard the expression that “art reflects the culture around it”. I was curious about what […]

Colossal + Tennis

Over this last week I was pleased to have Davey Talbot around Phoenix. He showed me this blog which is called “Colossal.” What a delight!  Colossal provides a variety of content. Some of the content on Colossal is beautiful.  Some of it is quirky, interesting, or thought- provoking, but the majority of it is fun […]

Albert Bloch: The American Blue Rider

Here is the trailor to the perhaps coming out sometime documentary on my great grandfather Albert Bloch. Enjoy, Peter Bloch