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Mount Wonder – a novel inspired by IHP

My dad wrote a novel called Mount Wonder. It’s a romance based on his personal experiences in the Integrated Humanities Program (IHP) at KU in the 70’s. Given how influential that program has been for American Catholicism and with all of the issues in academia today, and because it’s a totally wild adventure, you’ll enjoy […]

A review of The Hobbit worth reading

My soon to be brother in law, Joseph Simmons wrote a very insightful and hilarious review of Peter Jackson’s┬áThe Hobbit. A Long Expected Failure [Spoiler Alert…well kindof…you have read the Hobbit, haven’t you???]

Crime and Punishment

Questions on Crime and Punishment Book Two A question, adapted from Hannah Arendt (The Life of the Mind: Volume One: Thinking): What does Raskolnikov seek throughout Crime and Punishment? Does he seek meaning, or does he seek truth? Is there any difference between meaning and truth? Think about this: man expresses the activity of his […]