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A review of The Hobbit worth reading

My soon to be brother in law, Joseph Simmons wrote a very insightful and hilarious review of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. A Long Expected Failure [Spoiler Alert…well kindof…you have read the Hobbit, haven’t you???]

Crime and Punishment

Questions on Crime and Punishment Book Two A question, adapted from Hannah Arendt (The Life of the Mind: Volume One: Thinking): What does Raskolnikov seek throughout Crime and Punishment? Does he seek meaning, or does he seek truth? Is there any difference between meaning and truth? Think about this: man expresses the activity of his […]

Summer Reading

As I work on compiling my summer reading list, I will post my “short list” of books that you “have to read.” Below is a list of works from my favorite novelists; I’m just kind of browsing through my bookshelf. I’ve used kind of specific criteria to shorten the list. 1. They must be novels. […]