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Interview with director James Mackenzie – A Draught of Vintage Artist Series

This is the 2nd post in the ADoV Artist Series.  I got a chance to talk to my good friend James Mackenzie about what he and his incredible wife are up to these days out there in Los Angeles. Check out James’ Vimeo for a taste of what he does, and always keep your ear to the ground […]

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

This is the kind of thing you stumble upon when you are procrastinating a Shakespeare paper. I happen to be: Rosalind!! Though it can’t count for much– those questions are so strange! Find out which Shakespeare Character you are by clicking HERE!

The Poet’s Eye – Balancing Universal and Particular

I often think of the act of creating great art as a balancing of universal and particular elements within a work.  The artist must walk a tightrope, to borrow an idea from Juliette Aristides; his balancing act is between two extremes, but in order to keep his balance he must distribute his weight into both […]