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IHP Reunion: this September

This is probably old news to many of you, but just in case you were unaware, there will be an IHP Reunion late this summer (September 4-5) in Lawrence, Kansas. The event will take place over a few days and will feature A party (of course!) – food, drink, music, and poetry An Extraordinary Form […]

Brad Kunkle Show at Arcadia Fine Art

Artist Brad Kunkle has a solo show now at Arcadia Fine Art Gallery. The show is titled “Gilded Wilderness,” and it lasts from April 21st-May 5th Kunkle uses gold leaf and silver leaf and paints with oils on top of it.  It is incedible his ability to conceal that he is painting on gold and […]

“And rural mirth and manners are no more” – Watch “FRESH” a powerful documentary about American agriculture

Please visit this link HERE to watch the documentary “Fresh.”  This film takes a look at the deficiencies and horrors of American Industrial Agricultural, but also provides a glimpse of several different organizations or farmers that are working today to create sustainable, philosophically sound, ethical, organic, and natural options for farmers and consumers.  It is only an […]