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The Sculptor: Documentary by Duncan Smith

The Sculptor is a documentary shot by Duncan Smith with two friends last semester for his Documentary Production class. The film follows Andrew Wilson Smith as he carves the entrance to Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma. Take a look.

Andrew Wilson Smith

Here is a great photo of a fellow friend, artist, and alumni of St. Gregory’s Academy: Andrew Wilson Smith Andrew is pictured here in his studio at St. Gregory’s Academy in 2008.   Andrew has recently finished the capitals for the monks at Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma, and he is currently working on other […]

Andrew Smith’s latest project brings sculpting talents to Clear Creek Monastery

Here’s a great article by a friend about another friend.  The author, Kirk Kramer is a great man, full of life and love.  Andrew Smith is a good artist friend from high school (St. Greg’s). See Andrew’s work and bio (very impressive) at his website August 7, 2010 Andrew Smith’s latest project brings sculpting talents […]