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The Poet’s Eye – Balancing Universal and Particular

I often think of the act of creating great art as a balancing of universal and particular elements within a work. ┬áThe artist must walk a tightrope, to borrow an idea from Juliette Aristides; his balancing act is between two extremes, but in order to keep his balance he must distribute his weight into both […]

Mark Van Doren Remembered

An article remembering the giant Mark Van Doren, Dr. John Senior’s mentor and long-time friend. ┬áThank you to Kirk Kramer for e-mailing this to me, it was a delightful read and lifted my spirits amidst grading student papers.   New Criterion, June 2000 Mark Van Doren remembered by Jeffrey Hart Above the columns of Butler […]

Silver DaggerS

All right, I didn’t think that I would have to do this, but apparently there is some retroactive “ring-by-spring” activity going on here. I want to wish my heartfelt and sincere congratulations to Mr. Peter Kane and to Miss Jessica Williamson best wishes. Peter and John are going to have to finally bring their shenanigans […]