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The Van Dorens

From the indefatigable Kirk Kramer: Yesterday I discovered that Mark Van Doren’s son Charles is an adjunct English professor at the Torrington campus of the Univ of Connecticut.  In recent years he has given several lectures there, sponsored by something called the Litchfield Co. Writers Project. Here is the link to the list of lectures: […]

Mark Van Doren Remembered

An article remembering the giant Mark Van Doren, Dr. John Senior’s mentor and long-time friend.  Thank you to Kirk Kramer for e-mailing this to me, it was a delightful read and lifted my spirits amidst grading student papers.   New Criterion, June 2000 Mark Van Doren remembered by Jeffrey Hart Above the columns of Butler […]

An adventure for a poem

I came across this poem a while back, but it should remind us to have adventures always, no matter how old we get. It is by Mark Van Doren, a devout Catholic and legendary professor of English at Columbia back in the day. He taught Dr. John Senior, and (I believe) Paul Spring’s father. I […]