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It’s difficult to keep Jerry away from me. I had my first real Scranton adventure of the summer last night. I parked in the Scranton Mall parking lot yesterday. I read another essay by Borella, “Brooklyn Bridge” by Hart Crane (just as a side-note–in my opinion, the attempted epic, though pretty weak as a whole, […]

Summer Plans

My only definite plan this summer is to post more regularly here, because I will be writing a lot this summer. See, when the doctor released me from the hospital in Scotland, he said (after giving me lots of drugs!) that he was worried about my blood pressure. Doctor: “It’s right on the edge of […]

Pedantry: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Cigarettes are $6.00 in Phoenix, so, if you come here, make sure to stock up first. Here’s a narrative poem I wrote at some point. Aeneus and Dido Meeting I.bursting into the hall—spilling chickenwings, cold from refrigeration (you hadwaited until midnight to be ableto eat them) and glossy with barbequeand hot and hot-barbeque, tumbling outof […]