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Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

This is the kind of thing you stumble upon when you are procrastinating a Shakespeare paper. I happen to be: Rosalind!! Though it can’t count for much– those questions are so strange! Find out which Shakespeare Character you are by clicking HERE!


It’s difficult to keep Jerry away from me. I had my first real Scranton adventure of the summer last night. I parked in the Scranton Mall parking lot yesterday. I read another essay by Borella, “Brooklyn Bridge” by Hart Crane (just as a side-note–in my opinion, the attempted epic, though pretty weak as a whole, […]

Gloom and Sadness Fill the Air

But Happy Birthday to Lord Bloch. Ahem…. Thought for the day… Without the birth of this Bloch, how could the birth of this blog have ever come about? A day of rejoicing for all, to say the least. Cheers! and Cheese sticks all around…