Summer Plans! What are yours?

To whom it may concern:

Thus it begins, a Summer Road-Trip of limited sorts.

I am going to be driving from Phoenix to D.C. starting this
Tuesday morning (6.08).
I will be in Dallas on Tuesday night and will leave Thursday (6.10).
I will be arriving in D.C. on Friday or Saturday at the latest (6.11/12).
I will be in D.C. taking an art class and visiting old haunts (Prospect Hill is top o’ the list; and I want Sponge-Bob back.  You know who you are).
I will be attending the wedding of one MP[3] Jones and Sam.  I will be in Dallas for a week for that, and then back to D.C.

I will be in D.C. until around July 15th or so.  This would be a good time to get everyone together as I will be free and not taking classes.  Maybe some of your norther NY & PA folk can come down for something?

On my way back to Phoenix I was thinking of hitting up Raleigh, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and anything else in the way if you invite me.
Let me know if you are going to be around in these places and would like to grab lunch or hang out for a more extended time.  I have a pretty loose schedule as much as things go.  
Leave a comment on here with your summer plans so that we can figure something out!  
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  1. Josiah says:

    oh no. I will not let him go. i don't care how much you groan & moan. he's mine, now, he's mine, he's mine.

  2. Lord Bloch says:


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