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Summer Plans! What are yours?

To whom it may concern: Thus it begins, a Summer Road-Trip of limited sorts. I am going to be driving from Phoenix to D.C. starting thisTuesday morning (6.08). I will be in Dallas on Tuesday night and will leave Thursday (6.10). I will be arriving in D.C. on Friday or Saturday at the latest (6.11/12). […]

Climb that mountain no matter how high

…and my blood approveswhile spring is in the world-ee cummings Well, I’m returning to the Lone Star State.  I’m going to embark on a 16-18 hour car ride tomorrow morning at 4:00am.  I am going to try to take some of this great weather with me.  Mary Tetzlaf and Joe Prever are coming with me. […]

I may be rough shod, but here I go

So, I’m going to be starting off for Phoenix on Thursday. It’s going to be an interesting trip, featuring places such as Phoenix, Dallas, maybe Georgia. This is it, I guess, so long D.C. Weird, Nirvana’s All Apologies just started playing, does Pandora know your soul too!? Anyway. Say a prayer that I make it […]