It was amazing!

I went to a Joe Pug concert last night.

It was amazing–one of the best concerts that I’ve been to in Phoenix, and certainly the best in a long time.  Joe came on late after two openers.  He came on and immediately started to play.  The show felt personal because Joe would gaze out into the audience from time to time, making prolonged eye contact with listeners.  He called us in close and sang without the mic, and he told stories between songs.  I got to talk to him after the show, and probably said a lot of stuff that made me sound like an idiot.  After gushing a few incomprehensible sentences, I just said, “You should write a song about the Odyssey!”  He laughed.

In any case, I’m having more fun than most of you (those of you at St. Greg’s grad excluded).



P.S. – I highly recommend the John Prine tribute album “Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows,” which features such artists as Avett Bros, My Morning Jacket, Old Crow, Conor Oberst, Deer Tick, and others.  I recommend (not highly, but not lowly) Infinite Arms by Band of Horses.  I also recommend that you check out Joe Pug, Limbeck, the Band, The Jayhawks, and Ryan Adams.

Love and Truth, Peace and Euclid!

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  1. Anne Lorimer says:

    I was listening to Joshua Neu proselytize while wearing a cowboy hat. Maybe if you had played Scrabble with Joe Pug, you could have topped us.

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