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Musical Offering: Joe Pug

I went to a Joe Pug concert on Friday in Ft. Worth with my sister and a couple friends.  It was a great show, and lived up to my expectations.  Joe’s stage-presence and skill has grown since I saw him in Phoenix a couple years ago.  He played a very stripped down version of “The […]

Joe Pug Album Review – The Great Despiser

As I sit in this Phoenician desert at a little coffee house in the Melrose district trying to write end of the year reports on my students (my last act as a teacher at Glendale Prep) I can’t help but think about this article I began to write but never finished; well procrastination is the […]

Joe Pug – The Great Despiser Comes Out Tuesday April 24

When does Joe Pug’s Latest album come out you may ask?  Why! this week of course!  On Tuesday! Pre-order it here: If you want to see if Joe is coming to your town look here: If you live in Phoenix, he’ll be playing at The Crescent Ballroom (burritos so good!) on Wednesday April 25th. Joe […]