The Van Dorens

From the indefatigable Kirk Kramer:

Yesterday I discovered that Mark Van Doren’s son Charles is an adjunct
English professor at the Torrington campus of the Univ of Connecticut.  In recent years he has given several lectures
there, sponsored by something called the Litchfield Co. Writers Project.

Here is the link to the list of lectures:

Scroll down to “Charles Van Doren: Discussing Mark & Carl Van Doren.
April 29, 2009” for some INTENSELY interesting reminiscences of MVD &
his brother Carl & the whole family.  Maybe the best part is when he
reads & comments on his uncle’s recollections of milking & plowing &
doing the other chores on the family farm at Hope, Illinois.

The lecture with Q&A lasts 90 minutes – at moments one imagines that
John Senior is talking.


N.B. the name of Joseph Wood Krutch in CVD’s remarks.  When I was an
undergrad I came across a book by him & asked Dr Senior about him.  He
said that the friendship between MVD & Krutch was like Jonathan &
David’s.  I believe Dr Senior himself was Krutch’s student.  I found
this item about Krutch on the Columbia website:

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