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IHP Reunion

Dear friends, especially Pearsonites and IHP babies If you have not heard already, there is going to an IHP Reunion September 3-5. Please visit to see the schedule and RSVP. By the way, great website design Patrick Shopen! Yours truly, Peter Hilaire Bloch IHP baby (see all entries under topic IHP)

IHP Reunion: this September

This is probably old news to many of you, but just in case you were unaware, there will be an IHP Reunion late this summer (September 4-5) in Lawrence, Kansas. The event will take place over a few days and will feature A party (of course!) – food, drink, music, and poetry An Extraordinary Form […]

E-tend a Wendell Berry Lecture

Mr. Berry is giving the Jefferson Lecture tonight at the Kennedy Center.  His talk will be broadcast live over the internet It begins at 7:30 EST. ***NOTE*** If you missed the lecture: you can still view it HERE             Don’t miss it. -PB