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Some of the more interesting Searches on A Draught of Vintage

Here, friends, I offer to you something that I hope you find humorous.  I was recently browsing around the google analytics page for the Draught, and I noticed that I could see what “keywords” were bringing visitors to the site.  It occured to me that I ought to take the most amusing to give to […]

Book III Crime and Punishment

‘Lying Your Way To the Truth’ Razumikhin restores a kind of order to Raskolnikov’s life. We’d do well to look at a few things that Razumikhin thinks of that reflect a desire similar to Raskolnikov’s in that they both protest about the emptiness of using other people‘s ideas. Razumikhin is so much a likable character […]

Crime and Punishment

Questions on Crime and Punishment Book Two A question, adapted from Hannah Arendt (The Life of the Mind: Volume One: Thinking): What does Raskolnikov seek throughout Crime and Punishment? Does he seek meaning, or does he seek truth? Is there any difference between meaning and truth? Think about this: man expresses the activity of his […]