Joe Pug – The Great Despiser Comes Out Tuesday April 24

When does Joe Pug’s Latest album come out you may ask?  Why! this week of course!  On Tuesday!

Pre-order it here:

If you want to see if Joe is coming to your town look here:

If you live in Phoenix, he’ll be playing at The Crescent Ballroom (burritos so good!) on Wednesday April 25th.

Joe Pug.  A legit rugged individual.  A true folk musician in the strain of Woody and Dylan.  A troubadour, a romantic, and a gentleman.  He’ll stare you down and sing to you from the heart.  He has a great accent, although I can’t quite say what it is.  He wears flannel shirts and plays guitar like a hobo with the speed of a hound-dog and the skill of a weaver.  The last time I saw him in Phoenix, I told him to record an album based on The Odyssey.  We’ll have to see if he lived up to the challenge.  In all seriousness, though, I’m pretty stoked about this album, so get ahold of it sons and daughters!

-Peter Bloch

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