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Anthony Hopkins speaks at Thomas Aquinas College (TAC)

This is fascinating; Sir Anthony Hopkins, while roaming around California was drawn to the bell tower, off of the highway.  He stumbled on to the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas College.  He was then invited to speak to the students, which he graciously agreed to.  How wonderful!

What’s good on Netflix Instant View?

So tonight, I decided to take the night off and watch something on Netflix.  I hate Netflix Instant View because it consists of mostly awful TV shows and B-Movies.  I had this great idea for a website: a site that rifles through Netflix Instant View Library and finds the good stuff.  Turns out it already […]

Barcelona. See it.

If you haven’t heard of director Whit Stillman yet, then you should remedy that.  Whit Stillman has 4 movies out: Damsels in Distress, The Last Days of Disco, Metropolitan, and Barcelona.  I recommend them all, but if you had to see any one of them and not the others, then I would encourage you to see […]