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The best part is that this is a real news story!

I really can’t help myself anymore.  Things go viral pretty quick, so even if you’ve seen it just watch it again, I promise, you’ll enjoy it. The remix This morning I was in the shower and I burst into uncontrollable laughter over the phrase “Snatchin’ your peoples up.”

Barthes on the WWE

I wanted to give some kind of justification for the guilty pleasure of watching WWE (almost “wee”), or at least for watching the film “The Wrestler,” but it seems that Roland Barthes already did so, even though he was writing way back in 1957. Barthes’s 13 pages (condensed quite a bit) follow. I must apologize […]

John’s Summer Pedantriactivity

Peter asked me to do this, so forgive the length. Here is a pedantic activity with which I while away the wee weeks in woebegone Irving, Texas. I am working on a small project examining various methods of biblical exegesis. I am focusing on the Psalms. The project basically compares various exegetical methods, and I […]