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American Painting Video Magazine

Dearest friends, I would like to recommend to you all something that I am, and have been for a while, excited about.  It’s a video magazine.  I did not know that such things existed, but as I’m visually oriented, I have come to appreciate and enjoy this medium for communication.  This magazine benefits from a […]

two of three: human camera

Stephen Draws Rome So this video is just plain awesome. The music and voice over are kind of out of control… but I can handle it because the man and his brain are so amazing!! Also, our business manager, Gloria, sent this out to the entire staff. Which, if you knew her would just make […]

Summer Update: IN DC; Funny Insightful Blog; Dr. Moran and Stibora; Painting

Summer Update:To my dearests: I’m in D.C. now, after a long and broken up drive.  It’s good to be here where the things are green and swampy.  It’s funny to be back in the east where the service is bad and the people don’t care.  I rediscovered a few things: green plants, hills, mailboxes, and […]