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Velazquez Rediscovered at the MET

If you have the pleasure and pain of residing in New York City, or if you have the chance to go to the MET at any point, they have within the last few years acquired a new Velazquez painting.   The great part is that it was from within their own collection!  Once the conservator […]

From Marcus Aurelius

“Everything exists for some end, a horse, a vine. Why dost thou wonder? Even the sun will say, I am for some purpose, and the rest of the gods will say the same. For what purpose then art thou? to enjoy pleasure? See if common sense allows this.”

The Destruction of Chartres Cathedral

This really upset me.  They have decided recently to “restore” Chartres Cathedral. However, what this means is that they have been removing the grime from the last 8 centuries, but also painting over the stones and guilding the bosses and the capitals of the columns have been painted a brilliant white (this is not Gothic as we […]