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“And rural mirth and manners are no more” – Watch “FRESH” a powerful documentary about American agriculture

Please visit this link HERE to watch the documentary “Fresh.”  This film takes a look at the deficiencies and horrors of American Industrial Agricultural, but also provides a glimpse of several different organizations or farmers that are working today to create sustainable, philosophically sound, ethical, organic, and natural options for farmers and consumers.  It is only an […]


____Congratulations to____ ____The Class of 2010____ Welcome to the real world My advice to you: If you haven’t achieved  Ring by Spring, Don’t worry!  There’s still other things like  “Nuptial Mass before a Year can Pass”

More News of the Life and Times of Joshua Neu

Go to the website to check out a news story…,0,5177352.storyApparently, I was in Hartford last February. I think I’ve started to bilocate. By the way, the other day, I drove downtown and bought a cassock. Then I ate at Burger King. It was awesome. Unfortunately, they don’t sell Texas Double Whoppers in Philly. So it’s […]

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