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Mount Wonder – a novel inspired by IHP

My dad wrote a novel called Mount Wonder. It’s a romance based on his personal experiences in the Integrated Humanities Program (IHP) at KU in the 70’s. Given how influential that program has been for American Catholicism and with all of the issues in academia today, and because it’s a totally wild adventure, you’ll enjoy […]

AB: The Life and Work of Albert Bloch

ALBERT BLOCH FILM “AB” TO SCREEN “AB”, over a decade in the making, explores the delightful story of a famous American artist few have heard of but who belongs in the pantheon of great twentieth century American artists. It will screen in the Kansas City International Film Festival on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the […]

Diagramming Sentences

Since I’ve begun teaching middle school, my intellectual life has taken a dramatic turn “back to the basics”, as they say. ¬†Well, it certainly has been a turn for the better because through such turning back, we can, ultimately, move much farther forward. ¬† Eugene Moutoux is a language professor…. (somewhere) and he has written […]